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What should you know about Facebook Messenger Ads?

What should you know about Facebook Messenger Ads?

How do facebook Messenger Ads Work?

Why Should You Start with Facebook Messenger Ads?

Is Facebook Messenger Ads the Best of All Online Ads?

Create Your Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign Through MobileMonkey

If you are looking for a way to expand your reach, then you should be thinking about advertising on social media. With hundreds of millions of people using social media on a regular basis, this is a great way to reach a large number of people in a short amount of time.

Even though lots of businesses use Facebook ads effectively, Facebook Messenger ads are another helpful tool that you can use to reach your target market.

When it comes to Facebook Messenger bot ads, there are a few key points to keep in mind.

How do facebook Messenger Ads Work?

The entire goal of Facebook Messenger ad campaigns is to help you promote your product or service through Messenger conversions using something called a cascade of engagement.

Using the demographic information of your target market, you can tailor who sees your Facebook Messenger ads.

There will be an ad displayed in the “sponsored” section of the screen of your users. Then, there will be a button in the bottom right-hand corner of the ad where someone can click to “send a message” to the owner of that ad, who might be you.

When the Facebook Messenger screen opens, a messenger chat will begin. That is all there is to it! The contact has entered your sales funnel, meaning that you have designed a successful Facebook Messenger ad!

Obviously, there is a lot more that has to happen in order for you to convert that lead into a sale, but this is how Facebook Messenger ads can take consumers and direct them to your sales funnel.

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Why Should You Start with Facebook Messenger Ads?

There are plenty of digital marketing and social media marketing tactics out there. Therefore, why should you start with Facebook Messenger ads? Some of the main reasons include:

  • This is a great way to connect and converse with your audiences. If a customer has clicked on the Facebook Messenger ad that you have shown them, you know that they are already interested in your product or service. From there, you can collect the information you need to convert that lead into a paying customer!
  • Facebook Messenger ads can be used to streamline your customers’ journeys. From the moment your lead clicks on your ad, they have entered your sales funnel. Then, based on the information they provide, you can direct them down the appropriate paths of your sales funnel!
  • You can use Facebook Messenger ads to generate new, easy leads. In contrast to cold calling someone or sending them an email, the open rates on Facebook Messenger ads are astounding. Therefore, it doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes to Facebook Messenger ads. Furthermore, when someone sends you a message on Facebook Messenger, they are already giving you permission to contact them!

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Is Facebook Messenger the Best of All Online Ads?

Facebook Messenger ads are certainly a unicorn. This means that they are dramatically more successful at helping you generate leads than other marketing tactics. Some of the key reasons why Facebook Messenger ads are so effective include:

  • Through Facebook Messenger ads, you can use chatbots to get the information that you need from your customers to meet their needs quickly and easily. Then, you can take the data you collect and categorize it appropriately, allowing you to direct your customers into the right sales funnels. Instead of having to purchase this personal information, your leads will deliver it to you through your chatbots for free.
  • With high engagement rates through Facebook Messenger ads, you can deliver easy, fast answers to your customers without having to train customer service agents to perform these tasks. As a result, you can funnel your leads directly into the Facebook Messenger box.
  • You are able to customize your Facebook Messenger ads to meet your needs. Whether you are using Facebook Messenger video ads vs static ads, you have total control over who sees your ads and how they are presented.

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On the other hand, you also need to be prepared and organized in order to respond quickly and effectively to the high volume of potential leads you are going to generate.

Even though your bots are going to do a lot of the work for you, you will still be required to play an active role if you want to close the deal.

You want to try Facebook Messenger Ads ?

Create Your Facebook Messenger Ad Campaign Through MobileMonkey

If you are looking for an easy way to get the most out of your Facebook Messenger ads, then you should use MobileMonkey.

With MobileMonkey, it is relatively easy to take leads generated through your Facebook Messenger ads and convert them.

The goal is to take the lead and retarget your new contact. You can use MobileMonkey to send your new leads a free message within the first 24 hours. Then, you can follow this up with another message using your bot, allowing you to time the message to meet your needs.

MobileMonkey has a chat blaster feature in the builder section under the “marketing automation” section. You can use this to create a new chat blast, which will help you keep in contact with your leads.

Or, you can also use MobileMonkey’s automation features to create a drip campaign that will provide you with a faster drip sequence, leading to higher levels of engagement.

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Finally, you can also use the Facebook Messenger chatbot sequences in MobileMonkey to segment your audience.

You can design a bot that will ask your audience qualifying questions, allowing you to funnel your leads into separate areas that allow you to optimize your conversion rates.

Even though a lot of marketers aren’t aware of the tremendous power that Facebook Messenger ads have, this is one of the top tools out there for converting leads from social media campaigns. In a new era of advertising, it is critical to replace megaphone tactics with an interactive experience.

MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger ad campaigns have the potential to do exactly that. Optimize your conversion rates with Facebook Messenger ad campaigns from MobileMonkey!

# How To Create a Facebook Messenger Ad in MobileMonkey

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