increase sales online

How to boost your sales online in 2021?

How to boost your sales online in 2021?

increase sales online

Why Do You Need to Go with Digital Strategies & Tools?

Build a Lead Focused Website

Optimize Your Website with SEO

Boost Your Leads through Ads

Track Your Leads to Optimize Conversions

Use Social Media to Boost Sales

Don’t Forget Local SEO Strategies

Increasing online sales is the ultimate goal for many businesses. Whether it’s a large ecommerce store or mom and pop retail business, there are a number of ways you can do it. Discover the 2021 digital marketing strategies to help grow your business.

Why Do You Need to Go with Digital Strategies & Tools?

Digital strategies and tools allow you to interact with your prospects, reach a global marketplace, save money on traditional marketing methods, get to know your audience better to help create brand loyalty, and track your responses to marketing efforts so you know what is working and what isn’t. Your customers are online and there is a good chance that your customers are looking for a business just like yours. If they aren’t able to find you easily on the web then they are going to go somewhere else.

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Build a Lead Focused Website

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Your leads are only going to be as good as the website that they come from. There are a number of different steps you can take in order to build a website that focuses on leads. 

Include your contact number. Even if you sell a digital product and users don’t really need to contact you to become a lead, doing so helps lend you credibility and increases trust in your brand. In addition to your contact number, if you want to get viable leads through your website then you need to have forms on every page. The less information you can ask for but still have a solid lead, the better since people don’t really want to give away valuable personal information. Testimonials and photos can give your website more credibility. 

The content you have on your website can also help increase leads. Online videos can help increase conversion rates for a number of different industries, as long as they are speaking to the user. 

Your lead focused website should be user friendly, especially on a mobile website. 

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Optimize Your Website with SEO


Once you have a website that is focused on lead generation, you need to optimize it with SEO.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the science of having search engines to show your content to users to give them the best solution to their problem. 

How to Do SEO

There are a number of ways to do SEO, but it comes down to three different things. 

  1. You need to make sure search engines know who you are and what you are offering. 
  2. You need to convince the search engine that you are the most credible and relevant option for the user.
  3. You need to make your content deliverable. 

Google’s goal is to provide the most relevant answer from the most trustworthy source there is in the most appropriate format for the users. This means that any content you want to deliver needs to be trustworthy, relevant, and consumable. 

Starting SEO begins with keywords. Keyword research is finding what your customers are searching for. In order to begin to find research, you need to understand what kinds of things potential customers are going to type into a search engine. Unless you know this already, you can’t start to begin to create pages and content that will eventually rank in search engines and drive you traffic without the information. Once you have keywords, you can begin to do on-page SEO on your current website and also start creating content that Google will then rank. 

The other side of SEO is link building. Building links helps show Google that you are trustworthy and that people are vouching for your content. An effective link building strategy means creating content that is link worthy and then reaching out to editors and site owners to add your link. 

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Boost Your Leads through Google Ads or Other Ads

SEO is a long-term strategy to boost online sales. If you want to know how to boost ecommerce sales in the short term then consider Google Ads and other ads. 

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads are paid advertisements that show on the search results page. There are also Google advertisements that will appear on other websites using the Display Network with Google’s AdSense program. 

How Will Google Ads Drive New Leads?

Google Ads can drive new leads in different ways. If your ad is effective then it will lead an interested visitor to your engaging landing page. Google Ads allow you to focus on the people who are searching for what your business has. You are able to continually refine the ads so that the people who want your service and products are sent to your website. When you use Google Ads, it taps into a very large high quality traffic source. Since Google has market dominance and a huge customer base, the search engine is able to send businesses a large amount of traffic every day if you have the budget for it. Google is continually improving its algorithm to give the most relevant search results and ads so that you can get new leads. 

Even though Google is the main search engine that people choose to use, there are also ads available on other search engines. Knowing more about your target audience and which search engines they tend to use can be helpful in knowing if advertising on other platforms is going to be in your best interest to increase online sales. 

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Track Your Leads to Optimize Conversions

Effectively tracking your leads gives you new ways to optimize your conversions. Fortunately, Google has a number of different ways for you to track your leads. You should take advantage of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and the Google conversion tracking tool. 

Google Analytics is free and allows you to understand your customer behavior, online content, user experience, and more. It will show you the information that you need in order to help improve your sales strategy. You can also learn about things you probably never knew about the visitors on your site. Understanding the behavior of your visitors can greatly increase your online sales and you are able to deliver better results. If set up properly, these tools will automatically collect data so there is no need to worry about it. You can choose from many different report templates or you can build your own customized report in order to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Use Social Media to Boost Sales

You need to build your social media strategy to also boost sales. Social media is one of the top five marketing channels that can give you a solid ROI. 

With so many different social media profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Twitter, your first step needs to be to go where your audience is. Find your target demographic and see where they are most active so you don’t need to be on every platform. You can choose to work with social media influencers. Have influencers feature your brand or product in videos and photos or have them give an honest review about your product. There are many different opportunities to work with influencers, but one of the best ways to improve online sales is by giving each influencer a unique discount code. 

Investing in social media advertising is also important. Learn how to create Facebook ads and how to create Instagram ads if these are the platforms that your audience is on. Just like Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads can be a highly effective tool to boost sales online, raise brand awareness, and help increase your conversions. Ads can ensure high visibility for your brand among your relevant target audience. 

In addition to working with influencers and social media influencers to increase online sales, you should also be sharing the content you create that is there to entice and educate your audience. 



Don’t Forget Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO strategies are important for a number of different businesses to boost sales online. 

One of the most effective local strategies is your Google My Business profile. In order to optimize your profile, you need to verify ownership of the business, provide up to date and accurate information, including your hours of operation, as well as your locale, service or product you sell, and plenty of images. You should encourage customers to review your business online and respond to those customer reviews. Publish posts with special offers, products, or events on your business profile. 

Depending on your industry, there are also other local directories you can add your business to help improve sales online. Online directories, such as Yellow Pages or 411, can also help your local SEO strategy. The more directories you can list your business in, the better since you never know where customers are going to find you. Many of these are free and don’t require a lot of effort. Don’t forget about any industry specific directories you can use. 

Looking for additional help with boosting your sales? Our posts about digital strategies to boost sales online can help.

If you are looking for a marketing agency to assist you with social media, SEO, and more, contact us today. 

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