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What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consists in optimizing a certain number of elements of a website in order to promote understanding by visitors and search engines (e.g. Google).

This better understanding translates into better positioning in search results.

In the broadest sense, we can say that SEO encompasses all activities that increase the quantity and quality of traffic to a website from organic (non-paid) search results.

But how to improve your site pagerank ?

We know that Google uses an algorithm (a mathematical formula) to browse, evaluate and rank webpages in order of relevance according to the query performed.

For more information on how Google’s algorithm works, we invite you to read the box below where we explain everything in detail!

Like any mathematical formula, this algorithm takes into account a number of factors in order to deliver a result. These factors are therefore analyzed on your website, noted and incorporated into the formula, according to a certain coefficient that corresponds to their respective importance.

To put it simply: this is a recipe!

If I put 2 oranges, 8 strawberries and 1 banana in my smoothie, it will taste different than if I use 5 oranges, 1 strawberry and 2 bananas…

Well, the number in front of the factor (i.e. the fruit) is the coefficient.

Let’s get back on track: how to improve one’s Google ranking.

This is like asking how to tip the result of the algorithm in your favor. The answer is, of course, by optimizing for a MAXIMUM number of factors!

Of course, Google doesn’t provide details about its algorithm (neither the factors nor their weight). This would be far too simple, and everyone would benefit from it (so no one actually would, if you catch my drift).

Today, SEO companies in Montreal agree that Goggle uses about 200 factors to evaluate the relevance of a webpage. And the good news is that, through trial and error in the industry, these factors are more or less known to SEO specialists.

Another important thing to keep in mind: Google reserves the right to change its algorithm whenever it wants, depending on the evolution of the market and how users interact with online search. This happens several times a year.

This is one of the reasons why the industry and SEO practices are always evolving: changes happen often, and quickly. Adaptation is key to a good SEO expert!

The job of an SEO specialist is to know which factors are important to Google, and to optimize them as best as possible in order to achieve better ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Why achieve better website ranking?

It’s quite simple: when was the last time you took a look at the 2nd or 3rd page of your Google search results?

That’s why! You see, no one goes through 10 pages of Google results to find their answer.

In fact, according to several studies, only 5% of search engine users get further than the 1st page. Thus, 95% of the traffic just views the first result page, and all other result pages share the remaining 5%.

When we don’t find what we are looking for, we refine our search. It’s been proven!

Hence, positioning your website on the first search result page is a MUST for all companies that wish to acquire a lot of natural traffic.

You should know that in the search engines universe, there are a couple of famous other companies such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Duck Duck Go among many others.

However, in January 2020,

Google held over 90% of the market share (this includes Google Search, Google Images, and Youtube). Even traffic from all other search engines combined doesn’t even come close to Google domination.

This is the reason why a lot of SEO reflexion are almost only concerning Google, at least in North America.

How to acquire more traffic on your website?

That’s where SEO comes in!

As we said, it’s about optimizing for a maximum of crucial factors, to be recognized by Google as relevant on certain keywords associated with a search.

For example, if my company sells cat products, wouldn’t it be useful for my site to rank well with terms such as “cat food in Montreal” or “best cat toys”? Of course it would!

What are important SEO factors?

According to Search Engine Land, one of the largest SEO references in the English-speaking world, here is what industry experts consider to be the most important SEO factors:

In SEO, content is King!

By content, we mean everything that revolves around research, information, keywords, content quality, novelty, media used (text, image, video, audio), relevance of content in relation to targeted keywords, level of detail and answer to the search query…

Yes, that’s a lot. But if you create ONE well optimized page with EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT, you’ll never regret it!

There are two types of links:

  • Internal links, which link your internal website’s pages.
  • External links, which link different domains together.

Links are the only way for Google robots to discover new pages. What is more, they can transfer authority from one page to another.

When we refer to optimizing the internal mesh of a website, we are talking about link value (i.e. where the links come from, if they are from reliable sources), link quantity, or the links’ anchor text.

It’s about looking at the metrics that determine how visitors interact with the page:

  • Where are they from? (Country, region, city.)
  • Their experience on the page. (Do they click? Do they come back? How much time do they spent on the site?)
  • Does the content match the intent of their search?

When we talk about semantic structure in HTML, we’re right at the heart of technical SEO!

It’s all about reinforcing the meaning of the information contained in the webpage.

This includes:

  • Meta tags
  • Optimized titles
  • Descriptions
  • Other HTML tags (div, span, p, li, etc.)
  • SEO content structure
  • Presence of structured data (
  • Subtitles (h1, h2, h3…) and their structure

In SEO, a website should ideally be built with a hierarchy: that’s what we call its architecture.

What does this include?

  • The ease with which Google is able to discover and understand the website’s pages.
  • The functionality of the site on mobile devices.
  • The management of pages that are no longer used or bring little value.
  • The loading speed of pages on all devices (especially mobile).
  • The presence of a secure connection (HTTPS).
  • The relevance of URLs to the content.
  • The presence of the keyword in the URL.

How Google perceives your website:

  • Authority: credibility and popularity of your site compared to others.
  • Level of engagement: time spent on the site, actions, sharing, etc.
  • Reputation: longevity and relevance.

Conclusion on SEO factors

It goes without saying that optimizing all these factors takes time!

This is especially true since many of these factors evolve over time and require continuous work (e.g. building links, creating content, improving user experience).

You could therefore improve or lower your SEO results depending on the efforts made over a given period of time.

This is why our SEO agency in Montreal offers you services that ensure quality work and constant optimization over time.

Stay focused on the development of your business, and entrust your website optimization to SEO experts in Montreal!

Are there different types of SEO?

Yes, and no! The work of an SEO company differs greatly depending on the factors to be optimized. This is why we could divide the practice of SEO into several sub-categories:

Technical SEO includes all SEO activities aimed at improving the reading and indexing of your website by search engines.

To put it simply, it’s about making sure that your website respects all the rules recommended by Google to improve the discovery of its pages and content. This includes the semantic structure of the HTML and other tags that are critical to the understanding of the information by search engines.

On-site SEO encompasses all the optimization activities that take place directly on your website.

It’s the individual optimization of your website’s pages in order to improve their ranking in search results.

These optimizations apply mostly to the creation of content and the improvement of conversion rates!

Off-site SEO (also called off-page SEO) includes all activities that take place outside the website, and which impact its positioning.

This includes factors that improve the popularity, reliability, relevance and reputation of a site in the eyes of search engines and users.

This is often related to the notion of engagement with the audience, notably through the natural creation of external links from reliable sources (proof of quality for search engines).

But why is SEO so important?

It’s very simple. To give you an idea, the number of Google queries in 1 second can vary between 40,000 and 80,000, depending on the day. Yes, that many in 1 second!

On average, it’s estimated that this corresponds to 3.2 billion searches per day!

In other words, it’s VERY likely that one of these searches is a potential future customer (even when putting into perspective your language, region and field of activity).

Why not take advantage of this traffic?

By calling upon our SEO agency in Montreal, Canadian companies are looking to drive a constant flow of natural traffic to their website.

They want to acquire quality visitors, and eventually potential customers, at absolutely no cost. That is to say, without having to go through Google Ads to rank at the top of search results.

For example, let’s assume that your advertising cost on Google is $2 per click for the keyword “cat toys”. This means that for every 100 visitors clicking on your ad each month, you spend $200. This does not include campaign management fees, and doesn’t mean that you sold your product. You just brought 100 visitors to your website.

Now imagine that your website is ranked 2nd with search engines for that same keyword, and that it also gets you 100 clicks, monthly. This means that you now get the same amount of traffic as with advertising, without having to give a single dollar to Google.

According to our hypothesis, after 1 month you will have saved $200, after 2 months: $400, after 3 months: $600, and so on.

This is called TRAFFIC VALUE: how much traffic you receive vs. how much you would have paid for the same traffic with Google Ads advertising.

In the long run and on a large number of keywords, the economies of scale are significant!

Before using SEO...

In order to implement a good SEO strategy, you need to be able to answer some essential questions for your business:

The answers will allow you to define your typical consumer profile, to know their interests / desires / needs, so that you can target them more easily.

Contact us to find out more! Our SEO specialists in Montreal can help you.

The work of an SEO Company in Montreal

Did you know that the first 3 organic results on Google account for more than 75% of all clicks?

It would be a shame not to rank in there!

We give you 4 advantages of working with our Montreal SEO Agency:

Stable and Proven Process

Customized Strategy

Communication & Performance

Expertise & Results

Our SEO services in Montreal

Here are concrete measures that our SEO agency in Montreal will be able to implement:

Local SEO Services in Montreal

Local referencing is very advantageous for businesses with one or more establishments, since it aims to increase the number of visitors in brick-and-mortar stores (e.g. shops with a storefront).

Interesting facts:

  • Nearly 1/3 of Google’s mobile searches are local in intent.
  • It should be noted that 60% of searches on Google are now done on mobile devices (note that this figure was 34% only 5 years ago).
  • To top it all off, Google informs us that 50% of local searches done on mobile phones end with a visit to a store!


Isn’t that fantastic?!

Our SEO experts in Montreal are able to optimize your website as well as many other external factors so that you can enjoy better visibility on Google Maps and local search.

To learn more about local SEO in Montreal and elsewhere, click on the button below.

SEO traps to avoid

In the Montreal SEO industry, there are some pitfalls and false claims that must be avoided at all costs! Click on each of the boxes below to discover them.

You may have to deal with some providers who promise the impossible!

“For $100 a month, you’ll be 1st on Google!”

Our first advice: RUN!

As good as it sounds, act with caution, and ask yourself if the claims of these SEO providers are realistic and attainable…

Ask questions about the teams in place (SEO specialists, writers, account managers) and always ask for several opinions before signing.

We’d like to believe it too, but the reality of slashed prices is often poor quality!

90% of the time, you’ll be disappointed…

No assertion on the positioning of a website can be made in advance!

It’s impossible to predict the rank you will get on search result pages, nor the time it will take.

If someone tells you otherwise, RUN!

Guarantees on traffic and visitors

It’s also impossible to predict the volume of traffic, or the amount of visitors you will get in total on your website.

It is however possible, with the help of some SEO tools, to know how much traffic a competitor receives for a given keyword, based on its ranking on Google.

Based on this 2nd point, it is therefore possible to get an estimate of how many monthly visitors you could receive, if you were to obtain this same rank. But all this remains hypothetical, and linked to a single keyword!

Never let yourself be fooled!

Some SEO providers in Montreal will promise you UNIQUE, QUALITY content!

While this may be true, it could be completely false!

The best way to know is to ask questions:

Who will write your SEO texts? Do they have any experience? What kind of research do they carry out? Are the SEO writers from Montreal or elsewhere?

Visit our SEO FAQ!

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