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Increase your number of leads

Grow your target audience

Tailor-made Facebook Ads campaigns!

Lead generation

SMM (Social Media Marketing) allows you to target and expand your audience with an endless range of possibilities!

With campaign management and optimization, you can:

  • Increase your potential customers
  • Target by interest
  • Convert your visitors into customers
  • Capture attention where it’s at
  • Retarget prospects

Increase traffic to your website

Facebook and Instagram are two of today’s biggest social media platforms in terms of popularity.

By establishing a presence on these platforms, you can:

  • Create content that is more dynamic
  • Target a younger audience
  • Control your brand identity
  • Better understand the trends that convert

What are our strengths?

Our Facebook Ads expertise

Facebook Ads is a unique advertising platform! Since its creation, it has (re)invented the way we do digital marketing.

Our Facebook experts understand where the attention is, and how the buying experience works.

Discover the Facebook Ads services that have helped us boost our customers’ sales!

Maximizing ROI
Audience targeting
Creation of customized graphic designs
Sales funnels
Lead Generation

Tailored Facebook Ads…

Unique campaigns for specific needs

A Facebook campaign should reflect your company’s image, deliver a precise message, provide value, and do so in an exceptionally brilliant way! After all, you need to grab a user’s attention quickly.

But how do you do this every time?

You can count on Facebook campaigns tailored to your business, your goals and your identity: everything is carefully thought out and managed by our experts!

Quality and CUSTOMIZED service are what you’ll get from Leadstream.

Campaigns tailored to your needs

Trust our Facebook Ads experts!

Do you have a digital marketing project that includes Facebook advertising?

Not sure what strategy to adopt?

Ask our Montreal-based Facebook Ads experts for advice. They’ll help you set up your campaigns and conversion strategies.

The benefits of Facebook advertising

Discover the main advantages of using Facebook Ads:

  • Low acquisition costs
  • Profitable advertising investment
  • Quick results
  • Build and grow your email list
  • Increase offline sales
  • Measurable and adjustable at any time
  • Reach many people

We are results-driven

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More traffic

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More leads

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Use your audience to create regular revenues.

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